Dutch Apple Pear Pie

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Dutch Apple Pear Pie is a slight variation of the classic Dutch Apple Pie with crumb topping. This pie is made with both sweet apples and delicate pears in the filling for an amazing Autumn dessert.

A slice of apple pear pie with a scoop of ice cream on top

Apples and pears go together flawlessly in this Apple Pear Pie, the perfect embodiment of Fall itself. Give it a try and it might become one of your favorite Thanksgiving pies this holiday season!

Let’s break down the pie! This pie has 3 main elements that are actually quite simple to make, despite the somewhat long recipe:

  • The dutch apple pie topping makes this pie a Dutch Apple Pear Pie.
  • The apple and pear pie filling made with both apples and pears and is thickened with Argo Corn Starch.
  • And the butter pie crust which encases all that delicious filling and crumbly topping.

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