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Baking your day just a little sweeter

Are you one of those people who skips frosting on top of cupcakes because they’re too sweet? Do you stay away of those dense muffins that require an entire glass of milk to choke down? Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to bake homemade bread but don’t know where to start.

You’ve come to the right place my friend. You can make sweets that aren’t overly sweets, cookies that melt in your mouth, muffins that leave you wanting more. Your house will smell like delicious baked good during the holidays or any day for that matter. And best of all, you can have fun doing it; and you will feel the joy of great culinary accomplishment when that pie you bring to a work potluck is gone in a matter of seconds.

Baking from scratch doesn’t have to be intimidating or complicated. You can start with just a mixing bowl, a wooden spoon and a few simple ingredients. You can do it no matter what experience level you have and together we will conquer the kitchen one recipe at a time.


Praises from readers

“Trang, I made this bread using your recipe. It was absolutely delicious. I will keep a copy of this recipe to make again and again. Thank you for sharing! Blessings to you!” ~ Terry

“Thank you for your quick reply ? I’m from Croatia and I haven’t found unsalted and unroasted pistachio (at least not at a reasonable price), so I used the ones I had and it was still super delicious, thanks for a great recipe! ?” ~ Ana


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About Trang

My love for sweets developed at an early age; I asked for dessert at the end of every meal. But that doesn’t mean I grew up waltzing around the kitchen honing my baking skills. During my teenage years, we live in an apartment with an oven and a dishwasher that my mom used as extra storage for pots and pans. I stay away from commercial American treats because they are exceedingly sweet, some with a funky after taste.

Then came my first job ever, at 17, as a baker/cashier/dishwasher/janitor/all-around-bakery-b’atch at a cinnamon roll shop. It was here that I discovered the true purpose of the oven, a magical box that heats up and delivers soft golden brown yeasty buns all spiced up with cinnamon sugar. When slather in cream cheese frosting, cinnamon rolls can only be the stuff from heaven. This job was my first exposure to baking, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

So here I am, bringing you indulgent yet approachable desserts and baked goods, every week, since 2014.

I’m here for you!

If you have any questions or just want to share your success in the kitchen, I would love to hear from you. You can email me, or reach out to me on Instagram and Facebook. I can’t wait to chat with you. And most of all thank you for being here, I hope this blog can be a place of inspiration for you and can make your day a little sweeter!

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