Welcome friends! If you were at my house I’d offer you tea and cookies. But since we are meeting virtually, why don’t you grab whatever you’re drinking right now and settle in for a little personal time.

I struggle with the idea of writing this page for a long time. It’s like when you’re at an interview and the interviewing manager says, “tell me about yourself” and you’re stumped because you don’t know where to begin. Do I tell you my life story or do I start only at the beginning of my blogging journey? Do I get super personal or stay slightly detached? Because you know, it’s the freaken internet… What are the rules around this part of town? I know I shouldn’t give out my home address, credit card number, etc. But really, how much is too much information, and how much is too little?

About TrangOh, what the heck, let’s go for the life story. ???? That’s me, on a little plastic kiddie motor bike with training wheels. I was born and raised in northern Vietnam (no, I am not a communist). I moved to California when I was 15 and have called SoCal home ever since.

My love for sweets developed at an early age with me asking for dessert at the end of every meal. But that doesn’t mean I grew up waltzing around the kitchen honing my baking skills. I was more interested in jump rope and hide-and-go-seek at the time. However, I was always surrounded by food, wonderful Vietnamese street food. My favorite was a tofu pudding in jasmine sugar syrup. And then there were always ice cream, fried banana and sweet potato, deep-fried glutinous rice ball stuffed with sweet mung bean paste and covered in SUGAR…

Fast forward some years later, I’m living in an apartment with an oven and a dishwasher that we used as extra storage for pots and pans. I stay away from commercialized American treats because they are exceedingly sweet, some with a funky after taste. Then came my first job ever, at 17, as a baker/cashier/dishwasher at a cinnamon roll bakery (not Cinnabon). It was here that I discovered the true purpose of the oven, a magical box that heats up and delivers soft golden brown yeasty buns all spiced up with cinnamon sugar. When slather in cream cheese frosting, cinnamon rolls can only be the stuff from heaven.

Being Asian though, I studied engineering in university, because my family would have flipped out if I would have gone to culinary school or something artsy fartsy. I currently work fulltime in the Oil & Gas industry as a process engineer, which has absolutely nothing to do with baking and blogging. But my love for sweets hasn’t gone away just because I didn’t pursue a career as a pastry chef.  I started baking more and more at home, trying out recipes online, in books. Eventually I even make up my own recipes and people LIKE it! ????

I’ve been reading blogs since before 2010. And in 2014, I started this blog. You can go back and read my first blog post here. I felt like I have since grown so much as a home baker and as an amateur food photographer, I never knew it could be so much fun. I still have a lot to learn and a whole lot more to bake. It has been and still is a delicious journey. I’m happy you have stumbled upon this page and have stayed until the end of this lengthy story. I invite you to follow along with me and see what the future holds.

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Bake. Eat. Repeat!

XO Trang