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DIY Loose Leaf Tea Bag

DIY Loose Leaf Tea Bag | wildwildwhisk.comWow, it’s been a while… my absence has been caused mostly by a nasty cold that lasted all week. I don’t think anyone wanted to eat anything made by a sick person, so minimal time in the kitchen for me last week. Also it’s been too darn hot to even think about turning on the oven. Temperature was in the 90s, I think we completely skipped over spring and headed straight for summer.

I was at the farmer’s market a couple weeks ago and picked up a bunch of good stuff, including some loose leaf tea that smells deliciously peachy. I’m a simple gal who prefers straight green tea most of the time, but I just can’t resist anything peach! And having fresh tea was so comforting last week while I fought the cold, except I couldn’t find my tea infuser ball. It was so frustrating trying to look for it when all I wanted to do was curling up on the couch under the blanket sipping tea and falling asleep. So I did something anyone would have done in my situation, I made my own tea bags!

DIY Loose Leaf Tea Bag | wildwildwhisk.comWell, luckily the sewing machine was still out for my curtain project, which is still at 1 panel done, 2 more to go (probably an equivalent of 2 months). But making tea bags only takes 5 minutes, and I can handle that much for a cup of hot tea.

Things you will need for this project:
– Coffee filter
– Sewing thread
– Sewing machine or needle (if you hand stitch)
– Thread/twine/yarn for making the tea bag strings
– Construction paper for tags
– Glue, stapler, scissor
– Loose leaf tea

Step 1: Flatten the round coffee filter and cut it in half. Cut each half into quarters.DIY Loose Leaf Tea Bag | wildwildwhisk.com

Step 2: Fold one of the quarter in half and stitch up the longer side. You should now have a cone.DIY Loose Leaf Tea Bag | wildwildwhisk.com

Step 3: Fill the cone with 1 rounded teaspoon of your favorite loose leaf tea. Adjust the amount of tea to your preference.DIY Loose Leaf Tea Bag | wildwildwhisk.com

Step 4: Stitch up the open end of the cone. Since this end is slightly curved, guide it through your sewing machine at slower speed to get a curved line. You should now have a triangle shape tea bag closed on all sides.

Step 5: Cut a piece of twine about 5” long. Fold the tip of the tea bag down at about 1/2” and tuck one end of the twine under it. Fold it over itself again and flip the string over. Staple the string and the folded tip together.DIY Loose Leaf Tea Bag | wildwildwhisk.com

Step 6: Cut two pieces of paper into desired shapes for tea tag, glue or staple them together with the other end of the string in between. (I prefer gluing, the tags look cuter)DIY Loose Leaf Tea Bag | wildwildwhisk.com

Step 7: Steep tea bag and enjoy!

DIY Loose Leaf Tea Bag | wildwildwhisk.comThese were so simple to make and so much more convenient than turning the house upside down looking for that damn infuser. They may even work as a cute gift for the tea lover in your life. Hope you enjoy this. Thanks for letting me share my first DIY post 🙂


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