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MauiAs you can probably already tell, I’m completely and absolutely in love with Maui. Our trip to Maui was a quick one, only four and a half day, excluding travel time, and the main attraction was Ryan’s cousin’s wedding. But in just that short time, I have made up my mind that this is where we have to retire. I started looking at properties on my Redfin app the next morning. And I have to say I was quite surprised there are some very affordable condos in Maui, the island life is within reach!

One thing I noticed and loved about Maui is that there was no angry driver, no one honked even when they’re inches away from each other, everything is A-Okay at all time. I definitely need more of that in my life as I’m sure we all do. Another plus was everywhere we went, people thought we were local ;), now we just need to pack up and buy a pair of one way plane tickets. Although our trip was short, we were able to hit up some awesome places to eat and pack in way more activities than we could handle. Overall this was the BEST vacation EVER! Also this will be kind of an I-phone photos dump, so excuse the weird lighting and color… When I become a real blogger, I will lug a DSLR around on vacation.


We stayed in Wailea, which is where all the fancy resorts are with fancy shops, but we didn’t hang out in Wailea a whole lot, except for zipping in and out of our hotel. Just north of Wailea is Kihei, which was where we spent most of out time. Up and down Kihei road, there are tons of restaurants to choose from. The one thing I kept repeating during our trip is that we will not have enough time to eat everything we want to.


Pork fried rice/Kalua pork moco

Kihei Café: so far this is my favorite restaurant in Maui. Great for breakfast obviously, the line is always long, and you cannot have someone save a table for you while you stand in line, unless of course you’re travelling with a 96 year-old grandma. But the service is super speedy, by the time you get to the counter to order, a table or two would have opened up, and the food comes out pretty much as soon as you sit down. They have a huge menu, for such a small place. My favorite has to be the pork fried rice, it’s got bacon, ham and Portuguese sausage, topped with an egg cooked the way you want.  Ryan’s favorite was the Kalua pork moco, Kalua pork on top of white rice smothered in gravy, or you can get pork fried rice instead of white rice because you can never have too much pork! French toast and pancakes are also a must try because they have an amazing coconut syrup to go with those.


French toast with pineapple and toasted coconut/Pancakes with banana and macadamia nuts

808 Bistro: slightly more upscale than Kihei Café, with an ocean view in the patio. They have the fluffiest, moistest, most scrumptious banana bread I have ever consumed. And you can get them as French toast! We came here the morning we were leaving the island so all I had was the banana bread and fruit, but I would come back just for those bread.

Eskimo Candy: we came here for delicious poke, ’nuff said. We didn’t have enough time to try other poke joints, but there are plenty more, and honestly any poke you get on the island would be exponentially more satisfying than those dismal poke bowls you get at one of these annoying poke joints that kept on popping up in LA.

McDonald’s: this is not a typo, I said McDonald’s, yes the place with the big yellow M. You have gotta to stop by a Hawaiian McDonald’s for a haupia pie (with coconut filling) or a taro pie. The cousin said we were two weeks too early for taro pie, but that haupia pie blew my mind. I regret not taking a dozen of those back with me to the mainland, cuz now every time I drive pass a McDonald’s, I want a haupia pie! McDonald’s please make haupia and taro pie in LA!!


Shave Ice/Weird hand

Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice: you haven’t had shave ice until you have this. We got ours with haupia ice cream, guava and tiger’s blood for the syrup flavors. It was like the softest fluffiest snow fell right into a cone on top of  the creamiest scoop of ice cream, then the fruits exploded into syrup on top of the snow. I don’t know how else to describe it… But try it!


Goodie-goodie (photos stolen from the cousins)

Tasaka Guri Guri: this is ice cream and sherbet’s illegitimate child. For $1.39, you can have two scoops of this strangely creamy and refreshing mixture that WILL blow your mind, and possibly your waistline cuz you will want to have another!


Ox Tail Soup

Zippy’s: this is the equivalent of Norm’s on the island. If you are out partying til midnight, and feeling a bit hungry, this is your spot cuz they’re open 24 hours. The portions are huge, and they have ox tail soup! 



Water is so clear, you can see the bottom!

Snorkeling: stop anywhere along the coast, and you can walk down to the beach, rent some snorkel gears and go swim with turtles. I can do this all day! My first time snorkeling was in Catalina, I didn’t like it and I almost killed Ryan. But the water in Maui was so clear, and warm, you don’t even need to be a really strong swimmer to enjoy this because you can see lots of fish and turtles close to shore. We screamed like little girls when we saw turtles. We also saw lots of sea urchins in the rocks, when the tide was low.


Banyan Tree

See the Banyan tree in Lahaina: the oldest living banyan tree on Maui. I had no idea what this was until I saw it, a tree within a tree! A banyan tree is a type of fig tree, its seed can germinate on the cracks and crevices of the mother tree. These seeds then send roots down toward the ground, and that can grow into a new trunk. That’s why it looks like multiple interconnected trees.


Sunset at the Luau

Go to a Luau: this is supposed to be a very touristy thing to do, but I was a tourist! We went to the Myths of Maui Luau in Lahaina. The show was about the history of Hawaii. I thought it was really fun! If all history classes were taught with music and dancing, I think I might have been really well versed in history. The food was all you can eat, but don’t expect Vegas Wynn buffet quality.


Zip Lining

Zip Lining: hell to the yes! If you’re on the heavier side, and always wanted to try out zip lining, you may be in luck, the weight limit here is 260 lbs. We wanted to zip line in Vancouver, but the weight limit was 240 lbs, and Ryan was just a smitch over that. We were so stoke we could do it here. The view is absolutely breathtaking up over the mountain. Our tour guides even gave us a history lesson of the smaller islands surrounding Maui, and kept us laughing for hours. Most important thing, everyone in our group got back in one piece and no one got stuck in the middle of the quarter mile long line.


Zip Lining View

There are still so much to see, and so much more to eat! Until next time Maui…


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