Pimmpin Pumpkin Spiced Apple Cider

Pimmpin Pumpkin Spiced Apple Cider | wildwildwhisk.comSo has everyone decided on what costume to wear this Friday? I have mine picked out and so do the dogs! We are going to two parties this weekend, w00t, party people! No not really, I’ll probably be home and in bed way before midnight, you guys. And the dogs, their bed time is usually right after their dinner, which is 6 pm. But Lily will be too busy begging people for food that she’ll forget all that. She will not want to leave the party until the last crumb is picked up! What a fat good dog she is! I’ll be bringing these to the parties 😉

But let’s talk about this Pimm-pin’ Pumpkin Spiced Apple Cider today. When I had the opportunity to mix up a cocktail recipe for the Tastespotting Blog, I immediately picked up my bottle of Pimm’s No 1. My favorite, my one and only! (for now). I wanted to make a drink with something pumpkin after seeing all the spiked pumpkin spiced lattes and all the awesome pumpkin cocktails floating around the world wide web. And since it’s going to be Halloween, what’s better to kick off the party than a pumpkin cocktail! So I picked up a bottle of sparkling pumpkin spiced apple cider at my local market (Sprout’s in SoCal). The cider is actually quite delicious by itself, but the addition of Pimm’s makes it even better! Serve it chilled, over ice, with a few slices of apple or a stick of cinnamon and you’ve got yourself a simple yet amazing cocktail!

Pimmpin Pumpkin Spiced Apple Cider | wildwildwhisk.comPimmpin Pumpkin Spiced Apple Cider | wildwildwhisk.comPimmpin Pumpkin Spiced Apple Cider | wildwildwhisk.comThis can be mixed up individually when your guests order it, or premixed in a jug for easy serving. Head on over to the Tastespotting Blog for the full recipe and check out a whole list of other pumpkin cocktails I’ve been swooning over. Like I mentioned last week, I’ve been interning at Tastepotting, and this is my first installment for the blog. Did you know Tastespotting has a blog?? Well, I didn’t know either, but check it out, won’t you? I’ll probably be sharing some more recipes in the next couple months over there. 🙂 Cheers!

Pimmpin Pumpkin Spiced Apple Cider | wildwildwhisk.comPimm-pin’ Pumpkin Spiced Apple Cider Cocktail Recipe


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  1. October 29, 2014 /

    I could so kick one of these back right now! Have fun partying! 🙂

    • Trang
      October 29, 2014 /

      Thanks for visiting Gin! 🙂

  2. October 29, 2014 /

    Two of my favorite things around this time of the year Pumpkin and liquor. I checked out the recipe and it sounds pretty easy it’d be great at Thanksgiving. I would just have to monitor certain family members. :/

    • Trang
      October 29, 2014 /

      Thanks for checking out the recipe Christina! It would be wonderful at Thanksgiving in addition to the typical hot apple cider!

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