Pimm’s Sundowner

Pimm's sundowner on wildwildwhisk.comDidn’t I warn you that I have a little bit of an obsession with Pimm’s right now? Half the bottle is gone! Playing bartender was too much fun, I couldn’t stop! Except, I was trying to recreate this one drink I had in Vancouver last year, still couldn’t get it right, most tasted disgusting… gah. But that is a story for another day. I even passed the cocktail bug to Ryan, and he decided to make an old-fashioned, lighting an orange peel on fire and everything.

Pimm's sundowner on wildwildwhisk.comSo again, I don’t drink alcohol often since I’m a lightweight, but I’m kind of on a mission to make everything with Pimm’s in it, cuz it’s soooo tasty! I sort of love Pimm’s, did I tell you that?? And plus, these drinks are so easy to make, pour pour sip sip, no shaker needed.

Pimm's sundowner on wildwildwhisk.comYou can make fresh juice using your juicer for this recipe if you wanna get fancy. I used fresh squeezed orange juice, but apple juice from the bottle since I didn’t want to use the juicer for just 1 oz of juice. That darn juicer has got too many parts to wash. Plus we always have a bottle of apple juice in the fridge, ready at any time when my cocktail making mood strikes… uh huh…

Pimm's sundowner on wildwildwhisk.comPimm's sundowner on wildwildwhisk.comThe original recipe actually called for fresh lemon juice with a dash of sugar syrup instead of lemonade, but I didn’t have simple syrup and I thought the lemon flavor was too strong… So I improvised. While the Pimm’s cup is very festive, the Pimm’s sundowner is perfect for winding down your day ;).

“A Sundowner, in colloquial British English, is an alcoholic drink taken after completing the day’s work, usually at sundown.” – Wikipedia

Pimm's sundowner on wildwildwhisk.com

Pimm's Sundowner
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 1
  • 1 oz Pimm’s No. 1
  • 1 oz fresh orange juice
  • 1 oz fresh apple juice
  • 1 oz lemonade
  1. Make apple juice and orange juice using your juicer/citrus juicer or just buy fresh juice.
  2. Fill a small glass with several ice cubes.
  3. Add Pimm’s, juices and lemonade.
  4. Garnish with an orange wedge, sip.
Recipe adapted from Pimm’s website.


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